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  • What is a fumehood?
  • Fumehood liners
  • Sash Counterbalance Systems
  • Fumehood exhaust options


  • Why do you use Sulfur Hexaflouride?
  • How do you do tracer gas testing?
  • Are there any other reasons to use tracer gas testing?

Laboratory Pressurization Controls

  • Control Strategies
  • What are Laboratory Pressurization Controls?

Lab safety procedures

  • Do I need a filter or scrubber?
  • Is a fire extinguisher really necessary?
  • What is a low-flow hood?
  • What is an add air hood?
  • Where should the hood be placed in the lab?
  • Do I need a specialty hood?
  • Do I need an explosion-proof fume hood?

Fume hood Containment testing

  • Fume hood Containment testing